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07- 17 AUGUST 2019

Film Piazza Grande - Crazy Midnight

The Nest / Il Nido by Roberto De Feo

with Francesca Cavallin, Justin Alexander Korovkin, Ginevra Francesconi, Fabrizio Odetto, Maurizio Lombardi

Italy  ·  2019  ·  DCP  ·  Color  ·  107'  ·  o.v. Italian

A paraplegic boy lives with his mother in an isolated villa. He grows serene but unsatisfied. When a young maid arrives, he decides that he wants to know the world. But his mother won’t let him go so easily.

Wednesday 14th 

23:50 Press screening PalaCinema Sala 1

Thursday 15th

12:30 Press Conference Press Centre

21:30 Official Screening Piazza Grande


with Director and Francesca Cavallin

Press Material

Film in Competition - Concorso Internazionale

O Fim do Mundo by Basil Da Cunha

with Michael Spencer, Marco Joel Fernandes, Alexandre Da Costa Fonseca,

Lara Cristina Cardoso, Luisa Martins Dos Santos

Switzerland  ·  2019  ·  DCP  ·  Color  ·  107'  ·  o.v. Cape Verdean Creole/Portuguese

Spira comes home from a juvenile detention center and reconnects with his loved ones in Reboleira (Lisbon), a slum on the verge of being destroyed. Kikas makes it clear that he’s not welcome.

Tuesday 13th

8:45 Press screening Teatro Kursaal

11:00 Press Conference Press Center in front of Teatro Kursaal

Wednesday 14th

11:30-13:30 Interviews tbc

Thursday 15th

11:30-13:30 Interviews tbc

Other Screenings

14/08 22:00 La Sala

15/08 11:00 Palavideo

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Film out of Competition- Fuori Concorso

Arguments by Olivier Zabat & Emmanuelle Manck

France  ·  2019  ·  DCP  ·  Color  ·  108'  ·  o.v. English

People who hear voices talk about their daily inner and social struggles. The film deals with “madness” through an acute awareness of reality and echoes our secret suffering.


12/08 16:15 La Sala followed by Q&A

13/08 21:00 l’Altra Sala

14/08 14:00 Palacinema Sala 2


13/08 12:00 - 13.30 place tbc

14/08 12.00 - 13.30 place tbc

Press material 


Adolescentes by Sebastien Lifshitz

France  ·  2019  ·  DCP  ·  Color  ·  135'  ·  o.v. French

Emma and Anaïs are best friends and yet everything in their life seems to set them apart, their social backgrounds but also their personalities. From the age of thirteen to eighteen, Adolescentes follows the two teenagers during these years where radical transformations and first times punctuate daily life. Through their personal stories, the film offers a rare portrait of France and its recent history.


9/08 10:30 La Sala

10/08 18:30 l’Altra Sala


10/08 10:30 - 13:00 Place tbc

Press material (will be completed soon)

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