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ORIZZONTI - World Premiere


‘LES BIENHEUREUX’ by Sofia Djama


starring Sami Bouajila, Nadia Kaci, Amine Lansari, Lyna Khoudri


France / Belgium / Qatar • 2017 • 102’


Algiers, a few years after the civil war. Amal and Samir decided to celebrate their twentieth anniversary in the restaurant. During their journey, both evoke their Algeria: Amal, through the loss of illusions, Samir by the need to deal. At the same time, Fahim, their son and his friends, Feriel and Reda, wander in an Algiers which closes on itself.


Press Screening 1: 05-09-17 20h15 Sala Volpi

Press Screening 2: 05-09-17 22h15 Sala Casino

Photocall: 06-09-17 12h35 Casino third floor

Official Screening: 06-09-17 17h00 Sala Darsena + Q&A

Rep. 1: 07-09-17 15h15 Pala Biennale


Interviews with Director & Cast on the 6th& 7th September


International Sales: BAC FILMS, FRANCE


ORIZZONTI - World Premiere


‘HA’EDUT / THE TESTAMENT’ by Amichai Greenberg


starring Ori Pfeffer, Rivka Gur, Hagit Dasberg Shamul, Ori Yaniv


Israel / Austria • 2017 • 91’


Yoel, 45, an international expert in Holocaust research, has spent over fifteen years diligently studying the Nazi's methods of annihilating Jews in Austria and Hungary. In the course of his research he discovers, almost by chance, classified documents which hint to the fact that his mother is living under an assumed identity. Yoel is certain that this is a mistake, but the further he plunges into his research the more he doubts his mother's Jewish identity. A mystery about a man who is willing to risk everything to discover the truth.


Press Screening 1: 06-09-17 19h45 Sala Casino

Press Screening 2: 06-09-17 22h30 Sala Volpi

Photocall: 07-09-17 12h35 Casino third floor

Official Screening: 07-09-17 14h15 Sala Darsena + Q&A

Rep. 1: 08-09-17 14h00 Pala Biennale


Interviews with Director & Ori Pfeffer on the 8th of September


International Sales: INTRAMOVIES, ITALY

ORIZZONTI - World Premiere


‘KRIEG’ by Rick Ostermann


starring Ulrich Matthes, Barbara Auer


Germany • 93’


KRIEG by Rick Ostermann is a film about an unusual grieving process leading to a life and death struggle. It tells the story of Arnold Stein who has withdrawn to a lonely mountain hut to find his peace after his son was killed during a foreign assignment in the army. But this peace is destroyed when a stranger starts terrorising him and then embroils him in a nerve-wracking struggle.



Press Screening 1: 07-09-17 20h00 Sala Volpi

Press Screening 1: 07-09-17 22h15 Sala Casino

Photocall: 08-09-17 12h35 Casino third floor

Official Screening: 08-09-17 17h00 Sala Darsena + Q&A

Rep. 1: 09-09-17 15h00 Pala Biennale


Interviews with Director and Cast on the 8th & 9th of September


International Sales: GERMAN FILMS, GERMANY

VENICE DAYS - World Premiere


‘VOLUBILIS’ by Faouzi Bensaïdi


starring Mouhcine Malzi, Nadia Kounda, Abdelhadi Talbi, Nezha Rahil, Faouzi Bensaïdi


Morocco, France, Qatar, 2017, 106’


Abdelkader is a security guard and Malika is a domestic employee. They have just got married and they are madly in love. Despite their financial difficulties, they dream of moving in together and of fully live their love. But one day, Abdelkader experiences a violent and humiliating incident that will turn upside down their destiny.


Press Screening: 31-08-17 11h30 Sala Perla

Official Screening: 06-09-17 17h00 Sala Perla 2 - Q&A


Interviews with Director and Cast on the 5th & 6th September


Festival page: http://www.venice-days.com/film.asp?id=9&id_dettaglio=889&lang=eng


International Sales: DOC & FILMS, FRANCE






starring Paolo PIEROBON, Giuseppe BATTISTON, Valentina CARNELUTTI, Olivier RABOURDIN, Yusra WARSAMA, Ralph PALKA


Italy, France • 2017 •

Corrado, a policeman for the European task force in charge of immigration control, is on a field assignment in Libya. During a night patrol in the desert, he meets Swada, a young Somali woman who left her war-ravaged country in order to try and reach Europe. Corrado gives her something to eat and drink before she resumes her journey. But their destinies are now linked, and Corrado will soon find himself faced with a choice: respect his orders and the law, or save Swada’s life.


Press Screening: 31-08-17 09h00 Sala Giardino

Official Screening: 31-08-17 17h00 Sala Biennale


Interviews with Director & Cast on the 2nd of September


International Sales: BEFORFILMS, BELGIUM


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