It’s been over 35 years since Brigitta Portier has been active in the film industry.

It all started back in 1986 when she was in charge of the TV call at the Cannes Film Festival.

Her main role was handling all the requests of International Publicist’s requiring interview spaces during the Festival. This lead to International Publicist Richard Lormand asking her to become his assistant.

After two years working with Richard, Brigitta decided to create her own company 'Alibi Communications' and since then she has been the International Publicist for over 300 films at all the major film festivals around the world; Rotterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Cannes, Karlovy Vary, Locarno, Venice, Toronto, San Sebastian, Antalya, Tallinn, IDFA Amsterdam, Cairo ....

Her gift for languages (fluent: Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish) along with her passion for cinema has played a significant part in her success. Her openness and knowledge have enabled her to create a good, friendly, honest relationships with Directors, Actors, Producers, Sales Agents as well as Local and International Journalists.

Brigitta is a publicist who's both passionate, knowledgeable and will always give you 100%.

With all her connections within the film industry she is always open to new challenges and loves promoting African and Arabic films.

Feel free to contact her with any project you might have with no obligation.